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Thank you for your interest in Waiilatpu Alpines & Toggenburgs. In 1980, the herd name Waiilatpu was chosen due to the close proximity of the Whitman Mission National Historic site. The Indian name being Waiilatpu "Land of the Rye Grass". Waiilatpu is pronounced Y-E-La-Poo. The Mission was one of the stopping places on the Old Oregon Trail of the mid 1800's. One can still see the ruts left by the old Conestoga's pulled by oxen as they rolled into the mission to rest until they moved on to settle in the Willamette Valley in Oregon or other points west.

We are lifetime members of the American Dairy Goat Association. We have bred over 50 permanent champions. We feel this is remarkable given the limited amount of showing that we have done.

Kathy & Susan
Kathy grew up on a farm in Oregon where dairy goats were an important source of milk. She has had dairy goats on the present farm since 1974. The registered herd of Alpines started in 1980 with 4 doe kids of +*B Raymar's Reliable, 3 of whom became permanent champions, with the 4th one having a milking leg as well.

Susan Calahan joined Waiilatpu in 1991. Together they felt they could accomplish more than one person alone. The herd has made rapid improvements with the use of excellent management skills, A-I techniques, superior brood does and carefully selected bucks.

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Kathy Evans & Susan Calahan
485 McKinney Road
Walla Walla, WA 99362
P: 509.525.4606
F: 509.526.0673

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